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Yangzhou is an ancient city with beautiful scenery, outstanding people and convenient transportation, commonly known as the land of fish and rice

The company focuses on the R & D, production and sales of various heating equipment and temperature and humidity controllers, and has a variety of domestic first developed special products: comb type aluminum alloy heater, silicon rubber heater, self temperature control heater, rail mounted heater, fan heater and other heating and dehumidification products. It also has a temperature and humidity controller (condensation temperature monitor) which can realize the heating and dehumidification automation; a new type quartz radiation heater for the absorption molding machine, which can replace the imported products; a ultra-fine and ultra long armored heating pipe for the vacuum coating machine; a constant temperature ash hopper heater for the electric dust removal equipment of the thermal power plant; a full-automatic constant temperature heater for the heating of the movable board room A large number of special products.

In strict accordance with ISO9002 standard quality system and relevant national standards, the enterprise reasonably organizes production and independent operation, adheres to the tenet of integrity, innovation and pursuit; the same price, the best quality and the same quality, The lowest price! Business philosophy. With first-class product quality, warm-hearted and thoughtful after-sales support to serve every customer, it has been the fixed-point supplier of many domestic well-known enterprises.

In response to the needs of our customers, we undertake all kinds of electric heating devices, provide design, installation, debugging one-stop service, ensure customer satisfaction, welcome to consult and negotiate, visit and guide!